Cumbria TSL Sports

Comic Names for Men


Adam Zapple (Adams Apple)
Al Beback (I'll Be Back)
Al Coholic (Alcoholic)
Ali Bye (Alibi)
Angus Macoatup (Hang (us) My Coat Up)
Arnie Dadrink (I Need a Drink)
Arthur Ritus (Arthritis)


Barnaby Wilde (Born To Be Wild)
Barry Cuwder (Barracuda)
Barry O'Reafe (Barrier Reef)
Baxter D Wall (Backs To The Wall)
Ben Detoy (Bendy Toy)
Ben Dover (Bend Over)
Benny Facter (Benifactor)
Bill Dersyard (Builders Yard)
Bjorn Dajoak (Beyond a Joke)
Bob Jerunkel (Bobs yer Uncle)
Bud Light (Bud Light)
Buster Cherry (Bust a Cherry)


Chas Tize Chastise
Chris P Duck (Crispy Duck)
Chris Peacock (Crispy Cock)
Chris Spackett (Crisp Packet)
Christopher Wave (Crest of a Wave)
Cole Dasice (Cold As Ice)
Colin Allcarrs (Calling All Cars)
Constance Noring (Constant Snoring)
Curtis E Carr (Courtesy Car)


Dan Gerous (Dangerous)
Dan Glebitts (Dangly Bits)
Don Kiddick (Dance Around)
Daryll Beaderday (That'll Be The Day)
Dennis Elbow (Tennis Elbow)
Des Peratte (Desperate)
Dick Bush (Dick Bush)
Dick Fitzwell (Dick Fits Well)
Dick Tayshone (Dictation)
Didier Kerslike (Did He Eckers Like)
Don Beshie (Don't Be Shy)
Drew P Draughers (Droopy Drawers)
Duane Pipes (Drain Pipes)
Duncan Biscett (Dunking Biscuit)
Duncan Disorderly (Drunk And Disorderly)
Duncan Doenuts (Dunking Doughnuts)
Dwight Van Mann (White Van Man)


Earl E Bird (Early Bird)
Ed Banger (Head Banger)
Ed Overeels (Head Over Heels)
Ed Turner (Head Turner)
Euan Huzarmy (You And Whose Army)
Evan Elpuss (Heaven Help Us)
Evan Nowes (Heaven Knows)
Evan Sabove (Heavens Above)
Evan Tually (Eventually)


Fran Tick (Frantic)


Gary Oakey (Karaoke)
Gordon Nomes (Garden Gnomes)
Gunther Lunch (Gone To Lunch)
Gustav Wynde (Gust of Wind)


Hal Hitosis (Halitosis)
Hans Offah (Hands Off Her)
Harry Stockressy (Aristocracy)
Ho Lin Whan (Hole in One)
Honour Mission (On a Mission)
Horace Cope (Horoscope)
Howard Ino (How Would I Know)
Hugh Dunnitt (Who Done It?)
Hugh G Rection (Huge Erection)
Hugh Janus (Huge Anus)
Hugh Jorgan (Huge Organ)
Hugh Jundys (Huge Undies)
Hugo First (You Go First)


I.P. Daley (I Pee Daily)
Ian R Fansom (He Aint Half Handsome)
Itora Bolokov (I Tore a Bollock Off)
Ivan Oder (I've an Odour)
Ivor Biggun (I've a Big one!)


Jack McCarrup (Jack My Car Up)
Jack Mehoff (Jack Me Off)
Jack Pott (Jackpot)
Jacob Sladder (Jacobs Ladder)
Jim Nastic (Gymnastic)
Jim Pansey (Chimpanzee)
Joe King (Joking)
Joel Rebocks (Jewellery Box)
Juan King (W**king)
Juan Manband (One Man Band)
Juan Mortyme (One More Time)
Jurgen Ergeditt (You're Gonna Get It)
Justin Case (Just In Case)
Justin Credible (Just Incredible)
Justin Hale (Just Inhale)
Justin Thyme (Just In Time)


Keiron D. Community (Care in the Community)
Ken Hartley Reed (Can Hardly Read)
Ken Woodmixer (Kenwood Mixer)
Klaus Shave (Close Shave)
Kurt Ainring (Curtain Ring)


Lars Torders (Last Orders)
Lee Gleeders (League Leaders)
Lee King (Leaking)
Lee Nover (Lean Over)
Lee Pover (Leap Over)
Lee Vitout (Leave It Out)
Lew De Behavoire (Lewd Behaviour)
Lois Bidder (Lowest Bidder)
Lois Steem (Low Esteem)
Lola Beedow (Low Libido)
Lou Bricant (Lubricant)
Lou Cowt (Lookout)
Lou Decruss (Ludicrous)
Lou Natic (Lunatic)
Lou Pole (Loophole)
Lou Scannon (Loose Cannon)
Lou Smorralls (Loose Morals)
Luke Over (Look Over)
Luke Warm (Lukewarm)


Major Jump (Made You Jump)
Major Luke Twice (Made You Look Twice)
Mal Adjusted (Mal Adjusted)
Mal Twiskie (Malt Whisky)
Marcus Absent (Mark Us Absent)
Master Bates (Masturbates)
Matt Ress (Mattress)
Matt Tromeny (Matrimony)
Mel Lowe (Mellow)
Mel O'Dramer (Melodrama)
Mel Tingpoint (Melting Point)
Mick Stubbles (Mixed Doubles)
Mick Stup (Mixed Up)
Mick Sturbs (Mixed Herbs)
Mike Hunt (My C*nt)
Mike Rowave (Microwave)
Mike Rowdick (Micro Dick)
Mike Rufone (Microphone)
Mike Yermindup (Make Your Mind Up)
Mr E. Mann (Mystery Man)


Neil Downe (Kneel Down)
Neil Ethere (Nearly There)
Nick Rofillia (Necrophilia)
Nick Yakar (Nick Your Car)
Noah Count (No Account)
Noah Vale (No Avail)
Noah Zark (Noahs' Ark)


Oliver de Place (All Over The Place)
Oliver Sudden (All Of A Sudden)
Orson Cart (Horse And Cart)
Orson Ounds (Horse And Hounds)
Otto Matic (Automatic)
Owen Monie (Owing Money)


P. Brain (Pee Brain)
Pat McGoulies (Pat My Goulies)
Patty O'Dors (Patio Doors)
Paul Barer (Pall Bearer)
Paul Mycock (Pull Mycock)
Percy Cute (Persecute)
Percy Veer (Persevere)
Perry Scope (Periscope)
Perry Winkel (Periwinkle)
Pete Zahutt (Pizza Hut)
Pete Zetoppin (Pizza Topping)
Phil Itafiche (Fillet A Fish)
Phil Itten (Fill It In)
Phil Maglassop (Fill My Glass Up)
Phil McCrackin (Fill My Crack In)
Phil Mycock (Feel my Cock)
Philip Eno (Filipino)


Randy Marathon (Ran The Marathon)
Ray Deator (Radiator)
Ray Sersharpe (Razor Sharp)
Ray Sleader (Race Leader)
Rick O'Shea (Ricochet)
Rick Ottercheese (Ricotta Cheese)
Robin Banks (Robbing Banks)
Robin Emblind (Robbing Them Blind)
Roland Buter (Roll and Butter)
Ron Devue (Rendezvous)
Rory Motion (Raw Emotion)
Russell Sprout (Brussel Sprout)


Sam Widge (Sandwich)
Scott Chegg (Scotch Egg)
Selma Body (Sell My Body)
Seymour Butts (See More Butts)
Seymour Flesh (See More Flesh)
Sir John Sands (Surgeons Hands)
Sir Kit Breaker (Circuit Breaker)
Stan Dandeliver (Stand And Deliver)
Stan Dingproud (Standing Proud)
Stan Doffich (Stand Offish)
Stan Dupp (Stand Up)


Terry Bulsmel (Terrible Smell)
Terry Fie (Terrify)
Terry Torrie (Territory)
Titus Addrum (Tight as a Drum)
Toby Hynde (Tow Behind)
Tom Bowler (Tombola)
Tristan Shout (Twist and Shout)


Vic Tree (Victory)
Viv Ascious (Vivacious)


Walter Mellon (Water Melon)
Walter Walcarpet (Wall To Wall Carpet)
Warren Peece (War and Peace)
Wayne King (W**king)
Will De Beest (Wildebeest)
Will Ting (Wilting)
Willie Belong (Will He Be Long?)
Willy Gofarr (Will He Go Far?)
Willy Hackett (Will He Hack It?)
Willy O'Wowntey (Will He or Won't He?)
Willy Shafter (Will he Shaft Her?)
Willy Tert (Will It Hurt?)