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Comic Names for Women


Al Coholic (Alcoholic)
Ali Bye (Alibi)
Amy Stake (A Mistake)
Anita Bush (A Neater Bush)
Ann Jyna (Angina)
Ann Teek (Antique)
Anna Reksic (Anorexic)
Annie Versary (Anniversary)


Barb Dwyer (Barbed Wire)
Betty Diddent (Bet He Didn't)
Betty Diditt (Bet He Did It)
Buster Cherry (Bust a Cherry)


Candy Liver (Can Deliver)
Carmen Geditt (Come and Get It)
Carrie Dowt (Carried Out)
Carrie Micote (Carry My Coat)
Carrie Oakey (Karaoke)
Carrie R. Baggs (Carrier Bags)
Carrie Smattick (Charismatic)
Chas Tize (Chastise)
Claire Voyant (Clairvoyant)
Colette Adey (Call It a Day)


Dee Lited (Delighted)
Dee Zaster (Disaster)
Des Peratte (Desperate)
Drew P Draughers (Droopy Drawers)


Eileen Dover (I Leaned Over)
Ella Mentry (Elementary)
Ella Vator (Elevator)
Ellie Gant (Elegant)
Ellie Kopter (Helicopter)
Emma Chisset (How Much Is It?)
Emma Grates (Emigrates)
Emma Wroids (Haemorrhoids)
Enid Adrink (I Need A Drink)
Eva Brick (Heave A Brick)
Eva Sye (Heave A Sigh)
Evelyn Tent (Evil Intent)


Faye Derway (Fade Away)
Faye Dinaway (Fading Away)
Faye Kinitt (Faking It)
Faye Sake (Face Ache)
Faye Slift (Face Lift)
Fiona Friend (Phone a Friend)
Fleur Tashuss (Flirtatious)
Flora Bunder (Floribunda)
Fran Tick (Frantic)


Gill Tedd (Jilted)
Gladys Friday (Glad It's Friday)


Helen Back (Hell And Back)
Helen Erth (Hell on Earth)
Helen Highwater (Hell And Highwater)
Ho Lin Whan (Hole in One)
Honour Mission (On a Mission)


I.P. Daley (I Pee Daily)
Iona Bigyot (I Own A Big Yacht)
Iona Faskar (I Own A Fast Car)
Isla Bebach (I'll Be Back)
Isla Blidge (I'll Oblige)
Itora Bolokov (I Tore a Bollock Off)


Jean-Ann Tonique (Gin And Tonic)
Jenna Rossity (Generosity)
Jenny Talia (Genitalia)
Joanna Dance (Do You Wanna Dance?)
Joe King (Joking)


Kerry Dowt (Carried Out)


Laura Norder (Law And Order)
Leah Tard (Leotard)
Lee King (Leaking)
Lee Nover (Lean Over)
Lee Pover (Leap Over)
Lee Vitout (Leave It Out)
Lew De Behavoire (Lewd Behaviour)
Liz Entoome (Listen To Me)
Lois Bidder (Lowest Bidder)
Lois Steem (Low Esteem)
Lola Beedow (Low Libido)
Lou Bricant (Lubricant)
Lou Cowt (Lookout)
Lou Decruss (Ludicrous)
Lou Natic (Lunatic)
Lou Pole (Loophole)
Lou Scannon (Loose Cannon)
Lou Smorralls (Loose Morals)
Lucy Lastik (Loose Elastic)
Lydia Dusbin (Lid Of Your Dustbin)
Lynn C Doyle (Linseed Oil)


Madge Ority (Majority)
Mandy Lifeboats (Man The Lifeboats)
Marie Inhaste (Marry In Haste)
Marsha Mallow (Marshmallow)
Mel O'Dramer (Melodrama)
Mel Tingpoint (Melting Point)
Millie Terry (Military)
Minnie Mumwage (Minimum Wage)
Minnie Stree (Ministry)
Miss Bea Haven (Misbehaving)
Miss T. Ize (Misty Eyes)
Miss Terri Novel (Mystery Novel)
Miss U. Allott (Miss You A Lot)
Moira Less (More or Less)
Mollie Codle (Mollycoddle)
Mona Littlemore (Moan A Little More)
Mona Lott (Moan a Lot)


Natalie Cladd (Nattily Clad)
Natalie Drest (Nattily Dressed)
Nora Bone Gnaw (A Bone)
Norma Snockers (Enormous Knockers)


P. Brain (Pee Brain)
Pam Perd (Pampered)
Pat McCrotch (Pat my Crotch)
Patty O'Dors (Patio Doors)
Penny Foram (Penny For Them)
Penny Less (Pennyless)
Penny Sillen (Penicillin)
Phil McCrackin (Fill My Crack In)
Phylis Stein (Philistine)


Rhoda Hoarse (Rode a Horse)
Rosa Teeth (Rows Of Teeth)


Sadie Word (Say The Word)
Sam Widge (Sandwich)
Sarah Bellam (Cerebellum)
Sarah Nade (Serenade)
Selma Body (Sell My Body)
Seymour Butts (See More Butts)
Sheila Blidge (She'll Oblige)
Sheila Tack (She'll Attack)
Shirley Knott (Surely Not!)
Sonia Shew (It's On Your Shoe)
Sue Fley (Souffle)
Sue Permann (Superman)
Sue Purvisor (Supervisor)
Sue Ridgepipe (Sewerage Pipe)
Susan Orty-Boyden (Who's a Naughty Boy)


Tania Hyde (Tan Your Hide)
Teresa Crowd (Threes a Crowd)
Tess Tickles (Testicles)
Tia Dropps (Tear Drops)
Tina Beense (Tin Of Beans)
Trudy Lite (True Delight)


Ulrika Garlic (You'll reek of garlic)


Viv Ascious (Vivacious)


Wanda Phull (Wonderful)